That's Why I Love Formula One.

That's Why I Love Formula One.

Сomp about the quickest of sports and most expensive, dramatic, dangerous sport in the world. Formula 1 - is the limit of speed and engineering. Every boy's dream. "If you not racing for the gap, then you are not a racing driver" - 'Ayrton Senna. 'TS Video © | . 'V №49 • Made by Timur Sharafeev (theMysticalTS) • Vkontakte - • YouTube - • Facebook -
There isn’t any secret formula or method. You learn love by loving, by paying attention and doing what one thereby discovers has to be done.

@IvorGrumble Is he also complaining about the lack if women in Formula One?

RT @YourOnlyProblem:Sometimes the secret to find is to stop searching Try a new formula, cause your last one's not…

Need some formula one on my T.V #hamilton #mclaren #champion

RT @ProtrainRacing: Have you tried a Formula K yet? What could you lose except a few tenths. Call us on 01280 814774 and test drive one soon.

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