Samsonite - Around the World in 80

Samsonite - Around the World in 80

Have you ever dreamt of traveling around the world? With Samsonite now you can do it with just 80 clicks... Nothing could be easier. Visit for more info
Truth: I ball like a baby in movies. #sickday

@The_Samsonite free food is free money!!

@k_arenSJ si te creo eso de hacer una maleta esta cañón!! No sabia que trabajabas en Samsonite

Working out with @Rich_Samsonite

Pop Quiz: Greg's plane is at the gate, but it cannot takeoff. Why? #TrueStory

@iambabyjjess can't receive SMS.Yes I'll use the Samsonite. But I have my backpack, I'll use that for handcarry. Pack for me. Where are u?

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